last edit: 2019-06-08

DnD Homebrew

Welcome. This is the main wiki page that will be used to document the various rules, encounters, and locations found within the campaign that which we have set out on. Feel free to reference back or argue against anything that has been written here. I will try to keep things updated but keep in mind, you are only able to see pages that you as a player should have knowledge of. Stated otherwise, Everything you can see is fair game and not considered metagaming.


Since our group has decided that 5th Edition is the best, that is what we will use. SRD20 is a good resource for this. As always, you can use the books as well.

Additional Rules

Luck modifier:

  • Each player will have a luck modifier which shifts all skill checks for that player. Which is known to the DM
  • At the beginning of the campaign, the DM will roll floor(10d10 / 10) - 5 which will be that character’s luck modifier.
  • The modifier is variant and will decrease or increase by one 1 whenever a 1 or 20 are rolled, respectively.
  • The modifier can spread as far as ±5 points.
  • Pre-determined rolls will not change the modifier until they are used. For example, divination rolls will not cause the modifier to change until the roll is used to replace another roll. If it is not used on a player, it has no affect.


Player Characters